Helping your brand and team shine on video

There's a lot of videos out there
... but if the content of the video isn't useful and interesting then your video will probably sink to the black hole of no engagement, action or views.
There's a lot of stuff you can do to produce fancy videos
(cool cameras, high-tech lights, awesome editing)

... but if the person on camera doesn’t appear natural or engaging then they may communicate the wrong thing to viewers and furthermore, your videos will probably sink to the black hole of no engagement, action or views.

Video is one of the most powerful and persuasive methods of communication there is for your business and brand. But it’s also one of the trickiest to get right.
That's where we come in.


Golden Tree Media is a Tampa-based modern marketing consulting firm that specializes in helping corporations, businesses and individuals connect better with their digital audience through compelling video content, on camera-presentation, and strategic video marketing.
We are a group of experts who are knowledgeable, optimistic, and focused on helping others succeed by leveraging the power of storytelling with video.
Our mission is helping world-famous businesses, brands & individuals reach, influence and connect with their online audiences better.


On-camera confidence trainings

If you are looking to enhance the skills necessary for your employees and associates to effectively communicate on video, we can help you.

Whether you're looking to improve live on-camera recordings, video presentation or inter-office video communication, we can craft a training specifically for your needs.

Video strategy

How do you make sure your video connects with the people who matter? It’s all about strategy.

To cut through the clutter, you need video that’s targeted, engaging and relevant – video that speaks to your audience in a way that rings true, and a way they can’t ignore.

Here's how we can help you:
1. Video Marketing strategy - helping you target the right people, engage them with the right content, and distribute the video for maximum exposure.
2. Video content strategy - providing in-depth research so you can create a video plan designed to connect with your target audience and guide them to the next stage in their journey with you.

3. Video Brand strategy - Video is powerful way to stand out from your competition and engage with your audience. But, like any other part of your marketing, it needs to be on brand. We help you ensure your videos are consistently sending out the right messages about your brand.

Personal branding & social selling

Building your corporate & business brand isn’t enough. Today, companies need subject matter experts, and team members with strong brands of their own.

Differentiate your sales team by branding them as trusted advisors that add value and nurture relationships of trust with clients to set the stage for cross selling additional services.

We train your team on how to integrate social video into their sales strategy, so they be seen as the industry experts, automate lead generation and grow a successful relationship funnel for your business.


In-house trainings & workshops

We provide training programs and customized workshops to help your team members on a variety of digital marketing topics including becoming better on camera, social media selling and personal branding.

Allow us to be your next corporate seminar, lunch & learn or team-building event that intermixs personal development, professional development, AND fun!

Video consulting

While videographers are really good at the production parts, they’re not a salesperson or a marketing expert. As your video consultant, we help you think more like a buyer and less like the business so your videos can yield the most fruitful results.We also provide one-on-one on camera coaching and training for executives, professionals and business owners who are ready to present better on camera.

Customized courses

We offer on-demand courses and video trainings so you can provide anytime, anywhere training for front-line employees.

With our courses, your team is able to watch (and re-watch if they need to) at their own pace. Additionally, our courses can be added to your on-boarding to train new employees.